Looking to maximising opportunities in global markets? Book your FREE 30 minute clinic with Ian Harris, CEO at Search Laboratory, one of the UK’s leading global digital marketing agencies.

Increasingly retailers are looking abroad for new sources of revenue. With the UK one of most competitive online markets in the world, UK marketers are well-armed to tackle new markets overseas even though the process can still seem daunting. In these practical 30 minute 121 clinics, we’ll help you identify new target territories, provide strategic advice on how to successfully exploit these new international opportunities with PPC, SEO, content marketing, online PR and programmatic.

With a raft of experience helping brands go global online and a background in localisation, we’ll provide you with real-life examples that will help unlock the potential in new markets overseas. Avoid the most common mistakes marketers make when expanding internationally by booking your clinic now.

Send us some details about the challenges your organisation faces and we will provide you with tailored advice. Book your slot to learn more about:

• Identifying the markets most suited to you and in-country competitor analysis
• Testing the water with a limited budget
• Localisation and how to approach it
• Why translating campaigns will not work
• The importance of linguistics and cultural sensitivity
• Search engine selection and optimisation inc. Yandex, Baidu, Naver
• The secrets of a successful centralised strategy