West Pier

West Pier Studio was founded in September 2011 with a plan to bring years of experience and techniques from AAA games development to create interactive software experiences for retail and other real world industries.

West Pier Studio is a stone’s throw from the beach and our namesake, the iconic West Pier. We create awesome software applications for all industries, including interactive retail experiences, social games, and powerful 3D design tools. We work with all current technologies available, including HTML5, Java Script, Unity3D, C#, C++ and Unity3D.

We are expert in Unity3D development, a relatively new platform that has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. Using this technology we develop for all major mobile platforms, iOS, Android, Mac, PC and Web, and can release new products simultaneously to those platforms. Unity 3D is ideal for the development of 3D interactive retail experiences given that any level of interactivity imagined can be realized.